• Ge LOGIQ C5 Premium

With its streamlined design, ergonomics, and user-friendly operation, the LOGIQ* C5 Premium ultrasound system with 3D&4D functionality from GE Healthcare is most well suited for clinics and hospitals covering various requirements such as general imaging, OB/GYN, and cardiovascular applications.
Functions: Brings better image quality at an affordable budget also offers you the additional benefits of:

• TruScan, Raw Data Processing:Provides exceptional ultrasound performance and enables virtual rescan. This provides access to raw images data for comment, measurement and optimization—even after your patient has left the exam room. 
• Virtual Convex: Enables extended field of view with linear transducers 
• B-Steer: technology clearly visualizes the needle and anatomy in one image 
• ACE (flash suppression): recognizes and suppresses artificial blood flow and retain real information.
• CWD: Detects high velocities in valves stenosis and regurgitation 

Measurement : Provides M&A Calculation Package for all applications 
• Auto Trace: Automatically traces the Doppler spectrum to determine the max flow velocity in every systolic cycle. 

Probes: Offers you the convenience of choosing from an array of probes especially suited for your unique and varied application needs. 

Ergonomic: Brings to you exceptional ease of use with features that we are certain you will find invaluable in your practice.
• High-resolution, wide angle 15’’LCD that tilts and swivels for optimal viewing 
• Logically clustered keys for easy navigation
• User-defined special keys for operating convenience 
• USB Quick save

2 year warranty

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Ge LOGIQ C5 Premium

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