• Essilor Mr. Blue Lens Edger New

Complete Control of Lens Mounting

Optimal monitoring of all trajectories, irrespective of finishing materials or shapes
Absolute axis control thanks to hybrid edging technology: grinding + milling
Ideally suited for quality finishing even on highest base curves
Fast and accurate drilling with data acquired in a single operation
Automatic centering and blocking for simple operation
Unrivalled Ergonomics

Completely integrated functions without external peripheral devices
Vertical architecture with <Heads-up displays> for optimum comfort
Storage features ensure all accessories are within reach.
Intelligent interface adapts to the way you work.
Highest Quality Guaranteed

Perfect Centering

Binocular 3-D tracing of full-rim frames up to base 9*
Automatic adjustment of centering data based on the frames’ 30D parameters*
Aesthetic and Robust Mountings

FIT-4-Frame technology with dedicated small wheel*
Drilling and grooving tools can be tilted up to 30o, making it safe to mount lenses of up to base 10. *Essilor patents and exclusives
Safe Process

Roughing cycle automatically adapts to the curves of lenses up to base 10, avoiding all risk of breakage
Bevel placement and shelf depth optimized for safe mounting without undue stress of lens
Aesthetically Pleasing and Easy-to-Mount Bevels

The bevel heights are adjustable to perfectly adjust to the thinnest grooves
The shelf bevel heights are optimized to follow the frame’s shape perfectly
The step bevel is particularly suited for sport eyeglasses with deep, rectangular or uneven groove profile

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Essilor Mr. Blue Lens Edger New

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